Confirmed: Daleks are the pond scum of the universe

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Pond Dalek

Ex-ca-vate! De-hy-drate!

Sometimes truth can be stranger than science fiction. That’s what a group of volunteers discovered recently while cleaning up a mucky pond in England’s Hampshire area.

According to the U.K. Daily Telegraph, they had already fished out a foosball table and a skateboard when up bobbed the unmistakable bug-eyed monster head of one of Doctor Who’s iconic villains, the Daleks!

The pond warden who supervised the volunteers did a little research and found that the BBC had filmed in the area in the 1980s when Colin Baker played the Doctor (pictured). That would make this a prop from Revelation of the Daleks (1985) … but I don’t remember any ponds in that story. Do I sense a government cover-up? A double-bluff? After all, the truth is best hidden in plain sight …

Via The Doctor Who News Page

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