Come see the zombie side of Sears

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Go and load up – I dare you.

The retailer best known for flannel, appliances and gobbling up Kmart has rolled out a section of their website devoted to better serving their undead customer base. If you ask me, it’s a great move to help position the department store chain for a fresh braain- I mean, role in the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse. Either that, or a brilliant tactical move by the hidden Zombie Master to make sure that contrary to popular culture, a mall is NOT the place you want to be when the restless dead arise en masse.

But I digress. Sears even has helpful videos with fashion tips and information on finding the right fitness equipment to help you with that horrifying, lumbering gait:

Just remember this the next time you’re at Sears and you have the urge to say, “I wouldn’t be caught dead looking like that.”

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