Pirates, Jedi team up to fight off droid invasion on Clone Wars

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Here’s something to be thankful for: While many shows are in re-runs due to the holiday, Star Wars: The Clone Wars is all new, and finishing out the “Young Jedi” story arc with a blast. Thank the Maker!

“A Necessary Bond” is a bit of a time warp, apparently taking place before the season premiere “Revival.” Lucasfilm says that episode was moved up to better showcase the continuing Darth Maul storyline. (“Revival” was originally intended to air later, and a line of dialogue in that episode actually references General Grievous’ attack on Hondo’s pirate base in “A Necessary Bond.”) Check out the clips above.

Some background: When we last left Grievous, he was fleeing the Republic ship he had briefly captured from General Kenobi, and Hondo had lost his Jedi prize, Padawan Ahsoka Tano, when the younglings she had been supervising posed as circus performers to rescue her from the pirate lord. I’m not making this up. It was loads of fun to watch, actually.

We know from “Revival” that Hondo at least survives Grievous’ occupation, though Count Dooku is obviously still smarting from his time as the pirate’s captive. It looks like the young Jedi, having just escaped from the scoundrel’s clutches, may be compelled to come to his defense … Check out the stills below — it’s Ahsoka vs. Grievous!

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