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Boba Fett to close out ‘Clone Wars’ season

Young Boba FettForget Cad Bane.

Boba Fett is coming to a Star Wars television series — sooner than anyone expected.

USA Today reports that the bounty hunter will appear in teenage form April 23 and 30 on Cartoon Networks’ Clone Wars — portrayed by Kiwi actor Daniel Logan, who played the character as a boy in Star Wars: Episode II — Attack of the Clones. The actor announced the role via his Twitter account Wednesday night.

It’s full circle for the cult favorite character, which first appeared in a televised cartoon segment on the apochryphal 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special.

Just last weekend we learned that Logan, who has long been rumored to have a role in the upcoming live-action Star Wars TV series, will be a guest at Phoenix Comicon May 27-30.

Via TheForce.Net; Lucasfilm image via USA Today

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