Big Finish has only just begun producing ‘Doctor Who’ audios

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the_bride_of_peladonAfter 10 years of partnership, the BBC has renewed Big Finish Productions’ license to create full-cast original audio dramas based on Doctor Who.

Long before the TV series was relaunched in 2005, Big Finish kept the flame alive using talent that had long been producing unauthorized audio adventures and would eventually contribute some of the new series’ most memorable episodes.

Writers for the Big Finish audios who have made the jump to TV include Paul Cornell, whose novel Human Nature was directly translated for television; Robert Shearman, whose audio Jubilee would become 2005’s Dalek; and writer-actor Mark Gatiss, who would appear in the television episode The Lazarus Experiment.

quotemarksBig Finish is delighted to announce that its licence to make The Audio Adventures of Doctor Who has been extended by BBC Audiobooks, for a period up to December 31 2011.

“We’re thrilled that the license has been renewed,” says executive producer Jason Haigh-Ellery. “and we’ve got some fantastic stories lined up for the rest of 2009, and through 2010 and beyond. Not only from the Doctor Who main range, but also the New Eighth Doctor Adventures and the Companion Chronicles, plus additional ranges like The Lost Stories.

“All of us at Big Finish love making Doctor Who on audio, and we feel privileged that the BBC has entrusted us to continue.”

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