‘Big Bang’ showdown: Sheldon’s foe Wil Wheaton returns

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Jim ParsonsWil WheatonSheldon Cooper’s archenemy, Wil Wheaton, is poised to make a second appearance on CBS’ nerdy sitcom, The Big Bang Theory.

As a child, Wheaton (left-hand picture) starred in Stand By Me before going on to play wunderkind Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation and later achieve success in voice-over work, blogging and autobiographical writing. Last season, he appeared as an evil, fictitious version of himself to challenge Jim Parson’s Emmy-nominated theoretical physicist character (right-hand picture) to a card game at a comic book store.

Sheldon once idolized Wheaton, but declared him his nemesis and sought vengeance after the actor canceled an appearance at a Trekkers convention.

The Big Bang Theory follows the awkward social interactions of a group of geeky Cal Tech scientists with their beautiful friend and neighbor, played by Kelly Cuoco.

Source: TrekMovie.net

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