Best reason ever to un-cancel Dog the Bounty Hunter?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Television

Dog the Bounty Hunter (A&E)So, A&E recently canceled Dog the Bounty Hunter. And of course there’s already at least one online petition to somehow whammy the network into bringing it back. And who can resist such eloquent logic as this?

PLEASE BRING THE SHOW BACK! Their show has alot of inspiring messages and they help get the druggies off the streets of Hawaii and Colorado and into rehab. I remember one episode of star wars family guy where Stewie/Darth Vader had Dog standing in the base of the Death Star as one of his Bounty Hunters cause stewie had called a bounter hunter meeting. Then I remember one episode where they went on a hunt for Santa in Colorado. Sure it’s a hard job getting up every morning and expecting a call from someone who jumped bail like scared rabbit or forgot go into their court date for a hearing. My mom likes watching their show. I have 2 friends who are younger than i am and they watch his show! A&E is making a (bleep!)ing mistake of canceling Dog The Bounty Hunter! I am so (Bleep)ing POed right now! Dog and his crew are angels who HELP people with their drug addiction! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! BRING THIS SHOW BACK ON A&E! I will even make posters on Kid Pix Deluxe 3D saying “Please Save DTHB!!”

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