A dark turn as ‘Clone Wars’ season 3 resumes

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars returns tonight on Cartoon Network with the second half of its third season. Nerdvana contributor Dustin Diehl previewed the first three new episodes last month at a special screening, and he reported on how the story, penned by George Lucas’ daughter Katie, will change the Galaxy Far, Far Away in unexpected ways:

The episodes pack a ton of action, character development and world-building in a beautifully animated package. We get some of the best lightsaber battles yet, further backstory on Ventress, a peek at Sith training, a wonderful Expanded Universe tie-in (the Dathomir Nightsisters first featured in the 1994 novel The Courtship of Princess Leia).

And the tagline “secrets revealed” is finally bearing fruit…the final moment of the last episode is a jaw-dropping, gasp-inducing, head-scratching geek slap that could alter fan perceptions of Star Wars continuity in an even bigger way than 2008’s The Force Unleashed.

Also on TV tonight: the third season premiere of the BBC’s Merlin on Syfy.

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