The 21 most popular things on Nerdvana in 2011

Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Should old acquaintance be forgot? No, and neither should the 20 most popular posts (and one calendar page) on Nerdvana over the last year. Because it really shows what this blog is all about, presenting a wide cross-section of sci-fi and fantasy as well as business developments and pop culture previews.

The usual suspects are there — Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter  — but there are some interesting surprises as well. At least for me there were.

So here they are … I hope you have as much fun revisiting the year 2011 in Nerdvana as I did, and I also hope you continue to support this endeavor. Leaving the Valley, and the East Valley Tribune, earlier this year was a difficult decision for me, but I’ve been rewarded with a robust community effort to keep this blog going strong that has also served to keep me motivated to pitch in as often as I can. May 2012 see that spirit continue, along with, I hope, better times for all of us. And a minimum of Mayan doom.

Happy New Year!

  1. Found: Tom Selleck IS Indiana Jones (briefly)
  2. Matt Smith signs for Series 7 of ‘Doctor Who’
  3. ‘Fantastic Four’ – So, who died? (SPOILER ALERT)
  4. Jambe Davdar completes ‘Star Wars Begins,’ makes it available on YouTube
  5. Borders closing 8 Arizona stores as part of bankruptcy
  6. Comic book fans, creators mourn Arizona’s Atomic Comics (full coverage here)
  7. Behold the Enterprise-F from Star Trek Online
  8. ‘Stargate Universe’ finale: Looking back on 14 years as the iris closes — for good?
  9. Meet the ThunderCats of 2011 (and read my continuing coverage of the anime-style reboot here)
  10. Nerdvana’s local convention calendar (static page)
  11. Third season of ‘Merlin’ comes to Syfy
  12. Watch the most Force-ful ad you’ll see this Super Bowl
  13. Bane on a plane: Say what?
  14. Sunday Phoenix Comicon was sleepier, but still a great turnout
  15. Disney Store confirms Chandler Fashion Center opening
  16. What is Pottermore?
  17. Harry Potter and the Muggle Movie Marathon
  18. Report: Chandler mall’s Disney Store one of first to redesign (see #15 above)
  19. Torchwood: The terrible truth of ‘Miracle Day’ emerges
  20. HeatSync Labs board to vote on proposal to lease space in downtown Mesa (UPDATED)
  21. Gamer’s Inn: A neverending social experience in Mesa

What were your favorite nerdy news stories of 2011?

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