2-minute Syfy promo tops any Sci Fi Channel Original Movie

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The Sci Fi Channel has launched a two-minute “brand film” that the cable network says reflects the look and feel of its new identity “Syfy,” which launches Tuesday. You can watch it here: www.syfy.com/imaginegreater

The video features talent from various network shows, including Sanctuary, Eureka, Stargate Universe, Destination Truth, Ghost Hunters, Scare Tactics, Warehouse 13 and Caprica.

It’s a peppy, pretty little thing that won’t make you feel like your life is being sucked into a collapsing star — unlike many of Sci Fi’s original fare. But the title, “House of Imagination,” does nothing for me — how can it possibly compare to the nomenclature of Sci Fi Channel Original Movies like “Mansquito,” “Frankenfish,” “Death Bed: The Bed That Eats” and “KAW”? (All real.)

quotemarksThe film invites viewers into a celebratory house party populated with rooms inspired by the Channel’s original programs and characters. Goldfrapp’s “Happiness” provides the soundtrack for the trip through the never-ending house where anything can and does happen in each one-of-a-kind room.

Through high concept visual storytelling, each scene fuses a bold complement of visual effects with practical set design. “House of Imagination” was designed to be modularly deconstructed into a dynamic, long-running campaign of 10 and 5-second network identifications.

You can read more about the production in the NBC Universal press release.

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