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So being a geek and a dad, I regularly read GeekDad, a blog at Wired.com dedicated to “raising geek generation 2.0.” The editors and many contributors maintain a tone and style that have influenced me as I ventured into the world of blogging about things like video games and science fiction. (And there’s plenty for you GeekMoms and Geeklets, too.)

They were such an inspiration, in fact, that last month when they sought volunteer writers to round out their ranks I considered throwing my hat into the ring. But they got such an overwhelming response that the call for applications was closed before I had a chance to submit mine!

Today they have an article by head GeekDad Ken Denmead entitled “100 Geeks You Should Be Following On Twitter.” Intrigued, I clicked through to read more, and discovered that I was already following many of them, with surprising exceptions like Bill Amend of Foxtrot fame and astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. These oversights were immediately corrected.

But I was delightfully surprised to see my own name (Jayson Peters, “Geek blogger”) and this blog, Nerdvana, sandwiched between Geek Girl Diva (“Geeky blogger and affiliates manager for Entertainment Earth”) and Alison Lunde (“Code monkey and sarcastageek”).

Thanks, GeekDads! So there you have it — all the cool people follow Nerdvana on Twitter. And so should you!

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Scott Kirchhofer
One of Nerdvana's founding bloggers, Scott Kirchhofer is a graphic artist and designer of the Nerdvana logo, as well as a gamer and comic book movie fan.