Gazing Arizona: Weavers Needle flyby

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Weavers Needle Viewpoint off of the Peralta Canyon Trail in the Superstition Wilderness
Weavers Needle Viewpoint off the Peralta Canyon Trail in the Superstition Wilderness (Bob Leeper photo)

Weavers Needle, a 1,000-foot high rock column that stands out in south-central Arizona’s saguaro-studded Superstition Wilderness, was named after Pauline Weaver — who was originally called Powell Weaver. The Spanish called him Paulino, which became Pauline.

The famous trapper, miner and mountain man was one of the scouts the Mormon Battalion used during their march to San Diego in the Mexican-American War of 1846–48.

The distinctive peak of Weavers Needle plays a prominent role in many stories of the infamous Lost Dutchman’s gold mine that has dominated the lore of the Superstition Mountains since the late 19th century. Do you think the turkey vulture soaring by the Needle in this photo has spotted a clue — or is it more likely to be circling the lethal legend’s latest victim? Beware more than buzzards!

Photo captured evening of May 20, 2017, by Nerdvana contributor Bob Leeper, with a Galaxy S7 Edge cell phone camera

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