Superstition saguaros

Gazing Arizona: Superstition saguaro sentinels

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Superstition saguarosIt’s a pain to get there, but one of the benefits of having Nerdvana’s Alt-Fact Control Headquarters located in a hidden cavern deep beneath the Superstition Mountains is that, sometimes, during our daily commute, we get to witness a truly spectacular sunrise or sunset reflecting off the beautiful wilderness landscape.

That was the case this past week when the post-storm clouds gathered in the haze-free sky above the western face of what early Mexican explorers called Sierra de la Espuma (Mountain of the Foam), a name that comes from Pima Indian legends about a great flood – which, in turn, is very similar to the story of Noah’s Ark.

Photo was taken by Nerdvana contributor Bob Leeper, with an Android S7 Edge, off of the Jacob’s Crosscut Trail in the Superstition Wilderness (Tuesday, May 9, 2017.)

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