Gazing Arizona: Red, White and ‘Blue Canyon’

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Blue Canyon - Hopi Reservation, Northern Arizona - Photo by Jena Brimhall
Blue Canyon – Hopi Reservation, Northern Arizona – Photo by Jena Brimhall

Is it Arizona or Mars? Like the legendary John Carter, this might be the question you would ask if you suddenly found yourself plopped down in the middle of Blue Canyon, an alien-like location east of the Grand Canyon and Tuba City, in a remote area of the Hopi Reservation.

Fabulous photographer, Arizona native and knowledgeable fan of the state’s history Jena Brimhall shared her beautiful and otherworldly image of Blue Canyon with us, and talked about her discovery of this isolated, off-road treasure.

“My Grandfather was born in Tuba City. He died before I was born and back in October we decided to explore around the area,” Jena said. “As I was doing some research I came across this place on the Hopi Indian Reservation called Blue Canyon. It is a part of Moenkopi Wash, a little east and south of Tuba City.

“I’m not sure why they call it Blue Canyon. There are red and white rock formations everywhere, with what looks like paintings on and through the rocks. God’s handiwork I suppose.” Jena continued, “I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the name, if you look at it from the air the canyon looks blue. A beautiful, peaceful place. Someday maybe I will visit again.”

Jena Brimhall is an Arizona adventurer, photographer, hiker, historian, and proud decedent of her home state’s first settlers. Follow her on Instagram at: jjenajjena

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