Millennium Falcon ice

Keep things Han and Lando cool with these Millennium Falcon ice molds

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As if we didn’t already know the Millennium Falcon is the coolest spaceship in the galaxy, along comes this brisk reminder.

For a cool $9.99 — 33 percent off the suggested price of $14.99 — you can smuggle aboard your galley a set of two Falcon-shaped ice molds, perfect for your pre-Solo: A Star Wars Story celebrations or eventual at-home viewing party with fellow Star Wars fanatics. Click here to claim yours now so you can start making frosty party favors ASAP.

No matter your beverage of choice, from blue milk to Corellian ale or your own non-carbonite concoction, these silicone Millennium Falcon ice molds will spark crisp conversation and keep everyone’s drinks and spirits chill — whether your Solo cups are red or any other color.

Just be sure to drink responsibly, and fly casual to avoid any Imperial entanglements …

Millennium Falcon ice

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