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When ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic had trading cards

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The year is 2011. “Weird Al” Yankovic has just released his long-awaited, brand-new album, Alpocalypse. Its lead single, Perform this Way — a parody of the Lady Gaga hit Born this Way — starts the album off with an hilarious bang. The rest of the album is superb from beginning to end, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I sat down at my laptop today to search for some missing trading cards in my collection. These weren’t baseball cards, Pokemon, or Magic the Gathering cards. No — the cards I seek are the official “Weird Al” Yankovic trading cards. You see, during the Alpocalypse tour, fans could obtain a starter deck and booster packs in addition to the standard concert merch.

'Weird Al' Yankovic had trading cardsI attended the Colorado Springs date on that tour. It was my birthday that day, so I managed to obtain two copies of the album, two tour T-shirts and a starter deck of my own. I kept meaning to buy the booster packs online, but never quite managed to do so. I even said “hello” to Steve Jay, Al’s bass player, who was having a smoke break outside the parking garage. Anyhow, I am still a long way from the full 133 cards, but if I ever complete the set, it’ll be an Al-ccomplishment.

You may think it’s “weird” that “Weird Al” Yankovic had trading cards, but they featured trivia, tidbits, stories, album artwork and a few promo art pieces and are surprisingly fun to collect. If you’re a “Weird Al” fan, they’re worth looking into. My collection is meager, but I have a few of the good ones like Peter & the Wolf and the original UHF poster art. As for the concert I attended? It was my 12th Al show and the show itself was great. The tour was recorded for posterity and released on both Blu-ray and DVD under the title of “Weird Al” Yankovic Live! The Alpocalypse Tour. The Blu-ray is a close approximation of the show I went to and you can read more about it here.

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