Weird Al Yankovic’s career retrospective box set is coming soon!

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Attention “Weird Al” Yankovic fans! Set your sights on something amazing coming up soon.

We’re approximately one month away from the release of “Weird Al” Yankovic’s Squeeze Box, a career retrospective box set of the popular entertainer’s entire career. Beginning with Al’s eponymous debut album and ending with rarities compilation entitled Medium Rarities, this is a set Al fans won’t want to miss. Unfortunately, many fans may have to do just that. Because of a long production time, the set was offered in limited quantities and is no longer available for purchase. I was lucky enough to order the vinyl version around the time of its announcement. With that in mind, once I receive my copy, I will be happy to post photos and an un-boxing video, and as always, share my thoughts on the packaging. Of course, I may also get distracted by being able to hear some of the albums on vinyl for the first time, so we shall have to see.

As a lifelong Al fan, this is basically a holy grail of the collection and I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts and reactions when it arrives. I know what you’re thinking: why buy the vinyl versions when I already have the CDs, high-quality digital versions and cassettes? What can I say? I’m just a big fan.

For more information about the now sold-out box set, go to Al’s Pledge Music Page. 

And while you’re here, why not check out the time “Weird Al” had trading cards (stay tuned; there’s a follow-up in the cards on this topic) or how about checking out the tour announcement?

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