Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane #9 (May, 1959)

Top Ten songs inspired by Superman

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Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane #9 (May, 1959)
Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane #9 (May, 1959)

You know you’ve reached the pinnacle of pop culture prominence when they start writing songs about you, and I honestly can’t think of another fictional character in history who has inspired as many songwriters and musicians as Superman.

In celebration of the Man of Steel’s 75th Anniversary this week, we’ve put on our Casey Kasem hat and compiled a list of America’s Top Ten Superman Songs. Now these tunes are not necessarily about Superman, although some are, but they all reference the Man of Tomorrow and reflect his influence on our culture.

This list is not presented in any specific order and covers music from the past 40-years. It’s hard to pick a personal favorite, but if I was being threatened with a shard of Kryptonite I’d have to go with The Kinks, (I Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman from 1979; but because I’m also a big Tarzan fan I also really like the Crash Test Dummies’ Superman’s Song, which compares the plights of the Last Son of Krypton with that of the Lord of the Jungle. Fun stuff!

So without further ado, here is our Top Ten list of Superman songs:

Superman (It’s Not Easy) by Five for Fighting – 2001
Written by John Ondrasik
Best Line:
“I may be disturbed, but won’t you concede
Even Heroes have the right to dream”

Superman by Barbra Streisand – 1977
Written by Richie Snyder
Best Line:
“I am not a bird and I am not a plane
I’m Superman”

Superman by R.E.M.  – 1986
(Originally recorded by The Clique in 1969.)
Written by Gary Zekley/Mitchell Bottler
Best Line:
“(I am, I am) I am Superman and I can do anything”

Superman by Taylor Swift – 2011
Written by Taylor Swift
Best Line:
“And I watch you fly around the world
And I hope you don’t save some other girl”

(I Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman by The Kinks – 1979
Written by Ray Davies
Best Line:
“I’d really like to change the world
And save it from the mess it’s in
I’m too weak, I’m so thin
I’d like to fly but I can’t even swim”

You Don’t Mess Around With Jim by Jim Croce – 1972
Written by Jim Croce
Best Line:
“You don’t tug on Superman’s cape”

Jimmy Olsen’s Blues by Spin Doctors – 1991
Written by Spin Doctors
Best Line:
“I can’t believe my dilemma is real
I’m competing with a man of steel”

Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down – 2000
Written by Brad Arnold
Best Line:
“You took for granted all the times
I never let you down”

I’m Your Superman by Rick Springfield – 1973
Written by Rick Springfield
Best Line:
“I may not be as fast as a shot from a gun
And stoppin’ locomotives ain’t my idea of fun”

Superman’s Song by Crash Test Dummies – 1991
Written by Brad Roberts
Best Line:
“Superman never made any money
For saving the world from Solomon Grundy”

Do you know a Superman tune that should have been on our list? What is your favorite Man of Steel song? Use our comments section to let us know how we got it right or where we went woefully wrong.

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