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MC Frontalot

Are you tired of rappers who rhyme about pointless things, like how tough they are, their jewelry, romancing women and/or glorifying criminal activity? If so, then MC Frontalot may be for you. Finally, there’s someone who raps about the important stuff in life, like old-school video games (It Is Pitch Dark), web comics (Penny Arcade Theme), getting old (This Old Man) and romancing women (Goth Girls). Okay, so maybe singing about women is just universal.

Front is a member of the burgeoning class of Nerdcore rappers. He’s proving you don’t need to be shot 9 times (or even once!) to have skills on the mic. You can check out a wide selections of his tracks for free on his download page. But before you download them all instead of buying the CD, be sure to listen to his track on internet piracy, Charity Case!

If you like MC Frontalot, be sure to check out some of the other Nerdcore representatives like Optimus Rhyme or MC Lars.

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Chris Adams
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