Ignite Phoenix Music (10/28/2016) - Photo by Ben J Ammon Photo (Flickr (CC))

Superman, the Monkees and more: Ignite Phoenix’s ode to music

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Nerdvana contributors Bob Leeper and Russ Kazmierczak Jr. recently presented at Ignite Phoenix’s first music-oriented event, and now you can watch their five-minute, 20-slide slices of enlightenment online if you missed it the first time around (or perhaps just want an encore).

Leeper expounded on the amazing soundtrack of Superman, while Kazmierczak explored the pop culture legacy of the Monkees. You can watch all 16 presentations in this playlist.

Kazmierczak has blogged here about the Monkees’ many Arizona and DC Comics connections, while Leeper is legendary for his posts about John Williams’ inspirational Superman movie score and the Kryptonian Boy Scout’s influences on songwriters through the years.


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