The Legend of Tarzan

Hozier helps bring jungle love to ‘The Legend of Tarzan’

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The Legend of Tarzan

When it comes to famous fictional lovers there are only a few that come immediately to mind: Romeo & Juliet, Lois & Clark, Wilma & Fred… and, of course, Tarzan & Jane. The romance between the Jungle King and the all-American girl from Baltimore (yes, Jane Porter is an American) has survived more adventures and melodrama than your average soap-opera could shake a stick at. (Warning: We advise no stick-shaking when the Ape Man is present.)

Even though the famous words, “Me Tarzan, you Jane,” were never actually uttered, in a Tarzan book or film, they are probably as well known as “O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?” (Take that, Shakespeare!)

The point is that “jungle love” (sorry Steve Miller) is sure to be a big part of the upcoming movie, The Legend of Tarzan, starring Margot Robbie and Alexander Skarsgard as the Lord & Lady lovebirds of the Jungle. And to emphasize the romance Warner Bros. has released a music video of “Better Love” from the film’s soundtrack, performed by the Irish musician, singer and songwriter, Hozier.

The song is pretty darn good and the visuals include some exciting and previously unseen footage from the movie as well. Check it out below and get your motor running (or your vine swinging, as it were) for the upcoming film. The Legend of Tarzan could just be THE date-movie of the summer!

You can learn more about Hozier and his new Tarzan tune over at NPR’s All Songs Considered.


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