Help choose the last shuttle crews’ wake-up tunes

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Space shuttle in orbitThe era of the space shuttle is drawing to a close, with NASA’s final two shuttle missions scheduled for Nov. 1 and Feb. 26. In honor of the occasion,  the space program is inviting fans to vote for the traditional “wake-up songs” that greet the astronauts each morning — a choice that, in the past, was reserved for the shuttle crews’ friends and family members.

“Space shuttle crews really enjoy the morning wake-up music,” shuttle commander Mark Kelly said in a NASA announcement from last Friday. “While we don’t have the best quality speaker in the space shuttle, it will be interesting to hear what the public comes up with. We are looking forward to it.”

NASA is letting the public vote on the Top 40 previously played tunes or submit your own space-themed choice.

What are you waiting for? Be a part of history!

Source: CNET News

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