‘Who’ news: A spinoff surprise, a new cartoon — and a movie?

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Doctor Who fans have had some time now to get used to the idea of series star David Tennant turning in his keys to the TARDIS next year. But it’s going to be a long goodbye.

According to the BBC, Tennant will appear in a two-part episode of Who spinoff The Sarah Jane Adventures this fall. Russell T. Davies, executive producer of both Sarah Jane and Doctor Who, said it would be a “full on appearance” and “not just a cameo.” Investigative journalist and longtime TARDIS passenger Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen, above with Tennant in a 2006 Doctor Who episode) will team up again with the Doctor to save the world from another alien menace.

But that’s not all: A second animated series featuring Tennant as the itinerant Time Lord will also broadcast later this year in U.K. (The previous cartoon, “The Infinite Quest,” is now available on DVD.)

Meanwhile, Doctor Who may be heading for the big screen after a spokeswoman for BBC Films confirmed that “a script is in development.” BBC entertainment correspondent Lizo Mzimba said there were no guarantees a film would be made and that, if the project went into full production, a release would be a long way off.

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