Weekend’s movies take you to the courtroom, the light at the end of the tunnel and to the end of your wits


Hereafter weaves three stories together: Matt Damon plays an ex-psyhic trying to avoid his “gift”; Cecil De France plays a famous French news anchor struggling with questions of life and death after a near-death experience; twins George and Frankie McLaren play young brothers who must rely on each other to weather life’s tragedies. Clint Eastwood directs this movie expertly, yet the film never manages to deliver a satisfying conclusion. What are we supposed to take away from this story? Great performances and an epic opening sequence can’t make up for the film’s plodding pace and unresolved ending. Read the full review here.

Based on a true story, Conviction combines the best parts of a family drama and a courtroom thriller. Hilary Swank plays Betty Anne Waters, an East Coast woman determined to prove her brother Kenny (Sam Rockwell) is innocent of murder. Swank and Rockwell deliver amazing performances and are joined on-screen by the brilliant Minnie Driver and Juliette Lewis. This movie is riveting and thoroughly enjoyable; it’s sure to be an Oscar favorite come award season. Read the full review here.

Paranormal Activity 2 stays pretty true to form, not deviating much from the formula that made the first movie so successful. The suspense is there, the scares are there, but there’s not a whole lot that’s new. However, the writing team did an absolutely brilliant job of tying this sequel into the the story and mythology of the first film, making for quite the satisfying horror sequel. Read the full review here.

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