Wedge Antilles

Did you know? Wedge Antilles is in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

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Wedge Antilles
WEDGE ANTILLES: “Look at the size of that thing!” Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (Disney/Lucasfilm)

As is to be expected, there are loads of Easter eggs, cameos and callbacks to elements across the Star Wars Saga in Rogue One. By now, we’re all probably familiar with the Star Wars Rebels sightings of Chopper the Droid, the Ghost starship and a PA speaker namechecking of “General Syndulla,” aka Twi’lek Ghost pilot and, in the TV series, Captain Hera Syndulla, daughter of Clone Wars hero Cham Syndulla.

Lucasfilm sound editor (and General Grievous voice actor) Matthew Wood recently shared a treasure trove of auditory Easter eggs with /Film, and one of them caught me by surprise. It turns out Rebel pilot Wedge Antilles has a part in the Star Wars Story spinoff, despite actor Denis Lawson’s famously resolute refusal to return to the Galaxy Far, Far Away. The Red Squadron ace can be heard over the Yavin 4 Alliance base’s PA system calling his fellow pilots to action in the climactic battle brewing over the planet Scarif. (Yeah, that’s him!)

So how did this come to be, with Lawson leaving the Star Wars universe behind? It was no simple matter of re-casting a sound-alike, but something much closer to home for Lucasfilm. It turns out Wedge’s voice was dubbed over by David Ankrum in 1977’s Episode IV — A New Hope, and it was Ankrum who returned at Wood’s request to bring Wedge back to life.

“I even went back as far as the original trilogy, I got the voice of the gentleman who played Wedge, David Ankrum, to voice a little cameo on Yavin 4 to have all their ships head out to go to the battle on Scarif,” Wood told/Film. “He was thrilled to come back, and we recorded him and yeah, so those kinds of things, you just try to connect back. You know, we try to connect things to some Star Wars something. Something in the universe that we can connect to a fan that’ll enjoy that part of Star Wars, wherever they grew up and whether it’s Clone Wars, the prequels, the original trilogy, or Rebels, I try to connect the actors. And even the actors themselves feel a real certain respect for the Star Wars universe, and so they’re overjoyed to come back and work with us again.”

This isn’t the only Wedge Antilles sighting recently, however: The character appeared in a third season episode of Rebels as an Imperial academy defector, but Nathan Kress provided his voice there.

So why couldn’t Wedge actually take flight and join the fight at Scarif? A certain superweapon, that’s why:

Via The Star Wars Underworld

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