Voyage Trekkers: DVD fundraiser, DarkCon screening and visual effects panel

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If you weren’t able to attend last Saturday’s screening of Voyage Trekkers’ first season at FilmBar in Phoenix, you can still help support a second crop of episodes lampooning Star Trek tropes.

Donating $20 to the local indie production not only helps assure there will be a Season Two, it also helps fund a starship bridge for Capt. Sunstrike, Dr. Rena, Lt. Cmdr. Powell and the rest of the crew of the G.S.V. Remarkable — and is currently the only way online to procure a Season One DVD.

And you can catch another Voyage Trekkers screening Thursday night at DarkCon at the Phoenix Marriott Mesa, followed by a visual effects panel 3 to 5 p.m. Saturday featuring director Nathan Blackwell, visual effects producer David Stipes, production designer Nathan Stipes and visual effects and model artist Diane Cook.

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