Villain in ‘Star Trek’ movie is …


The official Star Trek site has announced the casting of Eric Bana, of Munich, Troy and Hulk, as the villain in J.J. Abrams’ Christmas Day Trek release. About the only thing known publicly about the character at this point is his name: Nero.

It’s a very Romulan name, if you ask me.

Bana joins the ranks of such esteemed big-screen Trek baddies as Ricardo Montalban, Christopher Plummer and Christopher Lloyd.

Bana in a scene from Warner Bros.’ 2004 epic Troy.

In other recent Trek news, co-writer and executive producer Roberto Orci (Transformers, The Island) recently revealed some interesting tidbits about the upcoming film in an online interview with It sounds like they’re aiming to please everyone. Uh oh …

Click on the thumbnail below to see a casting breakdown with the rumors to date (and a few picks of my own thrown in for fun).


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