‘Unstoppable’ – a thrill ride that never slows down


Unstoppable (based on the true events of 2001’s “Crazy Eights” runaway train incident) is a Tony Scott film through and through. His unmistakable directing style gives this action movie just the right amount of added adrenaline to make it memorable and enjoyable.  Starring Denzel Washington, Chris Pine and Rosario Dawson (who all give believable performances), the movie’s true star is runaway train #777 (Triple 7). It’s impressive that Scott was able to make an inanimate object such a convincing and truly menacing villain.

At times the direction is a bit heavy-handed and the over-use of “news footage” was annoying, but as a whole, Unstoppable delivers the action…it’s like Speed on crack.

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Dustin Diehl
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