‘True Grit’ will please fans of the original, fans of Westerns and fans of film


The Coen brothers’ remake of the classic 1969 John Wayne film, True Grit, hits so many right notes it’s impossible not to like. The direction is steady and deliberate, yet never heavy-handed or forced. The movie’s greatest asset, however, is the impeccable script. The only term I can use to describe it is “melodic” and even that doesn’t do it justice. While the Coen brothers have made a name for themselves as filmmakers, this movie showcases their incredible writing ability. Creating an almost other-worldly language, True Grit is filled with perfectly crafted dialogue competently delivered by the impressive cast. Jeff Bridges as U.S. Marshal Rooster Cogburn and Hailee Steinfeld as 14 year old Mattie Ross steal the show. Their characters are so life-like it makes you forget they are actors in a movie. Matt Damon does a wonderful job in his more subdued role as Texas Ranger, LaBoeuf and Josh Brolin is adequate as murderer Tom Chaney. Aside from a rather rushed and abrupt ending, True Grit is a quality film. It’s unthinkable that it didn’t receive a single Golden Globe nomination! Read the full review here.

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