Things I’ve learned today: 4/6

Movies, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Technology, Television

The hitchhiking ghosts at the end of Disney World’s Haunted Mansion ride have gone digital and interactive. (Geekosystem)

Karen Gillan, aka Amy Pond from Doctor Who, appears to be a guest on the April 13 showing of The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. (DoctorWhoNews.Net)

Meanwhile, Helena Bonham Carter is fans’ first choice to play a female lead in Doctor Who, according to an SFX reader poll.

Alexis Cruz, aka Skaara from the movie Stargate and a recurring actor on its cable spinoff series, says he was approached to be a series regular. (GateWorld)

Future evil geniuses will compete this weekend at the Avnet Tech Games at the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe. (College Times)

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