The Dark Shadows trailer is here … and it’s neither dark nor shadowy – discuss!

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Finally we see a trailer for May’s big-screen Dark Shadows remake, courtesy of Ellen (is there anything she can’t do?).

A few observations: It’s very Johnny Depp-y and Tim Burton-y, but we knew that was going to happen. It has a great look. It’s also very … well, let’s just say That ’70s Shadows springs to mind.

Is this shaping up to be a comedy? This reminds me of the ’90s treatment of The Addams Family — only, that was supposed to be all cooky and ironic and self-referential. The Dark Shadows I remember was gothic and moody and psychologically thrilling … and took itself so wonderfully seriously. This has the feeling of what Austin Powers did for spy movies — but not in a good way.

Via Cinema Blend

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