‘Star Trek’ cast growing


The “Star Trek” reboot helmed by “Lost” and “Alias” creator J.J. Abrams is proceeding at warp speed.This week, Zoe Saldana (“Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”) was cast as the new Lt. Uhura, a role made famous by pioneering African-American actress Nichelle Nichols.Back in July, at San Diego Comic Con, we learned that “Heroes” villain Zachary Quinto will play a young Spock, and also that “Trek” veteran Leonard Nimoy would reprise his role as an elder version of the Vulcan.Scroll down to see the rest of the crew roster as it stands. I’ll update it as needed.What do you think of the cast? I’d like to see Masi Oka as Sulu. I don’t know what to make of the persistent rumors about Matt Damon as Kirk and Gary Sinise as McCoy. (“CSI: Vulcan”?)Who should plug the remaining holes in the crew roster? Post your comments. Boldly go!Star Trek movie poster

Star Trek casting

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