Speak of the Devil …


Dues Irae

The Devil Inside, a new “fake documentary” style exorcism flick that had extremely low expectations at the box office, and was almost universally panned by critics, has had the third-biggest January film opening in history (behind only Cloverfield [2008] and the Star Wars re-release [1997].) It goes to show there is a huge audience out there for this kind of genre flick, regardless of what the critics say. But did you know that there is a very entertaining (and critically praised) exorcism-style short movie that you can view for FREE?

Deus Irae is an award-winning independent short-film from Argentina that is a very creepy and cool cross between The Exorcist and El Mariachi. Like its succubus star, this film quietly lures you in, then sinks its claws and refuses to let you go. After a year on the independent film circuit, director & writer Pedro Cristiani and Nerdhaus Films has released this 13-minute macabre masterpiece online for the world to see, and it is definitely worth a look.  In fact, I predict you’ll be wanting more.

WARNING – This link for Deus Irae will bring you to a film with explicit horror & violence, and a lot of funEnjoy!

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