Scottsdale believes in Harvey Dent! Security guards, not so much.


As previously reported in Nerdvana, Scottsdale was the site of Harvey Dent campaign rallies on Saturday.  The first rally of the day was to take place at Indian School and Scottsdale Roads. A late start by the Dent’s campaign staff was compounded by a security guard who refused to let the van set up in the bank parking lot he was patrolling.


Is there no limit to the depths of which Gotham’s political machine will stoop to prevent an honest man from getting his campaign off the ground?


Once a suitable spot was found, the Dentmobile set up shop.  Around 20 hardcore Dent followers were on hand to take to the streets and encourage passersby to show their support for the potential candidate for Gotham City District Attorney.


First, however, there were forms to be filled out and swag to be distributed!  Stickers, buttons, campaign signs, bumper stickers and even t-shirts were away to given away to all who would pledge their support for Harvey Dent’s campaign (and sign a waiver).

Preach it!

Once everyone was suitably laden with supplies, they took to the street corners and shouted out their support for the man who has pledged to take Gotham back from the criminals and corruption.

Having witnessed first hand the political fervor that Harvey Dent brings out in people, I think it’s safe to say that it is only a matter of time before we see a new D.A. in Gotham City.  And to think, they say the youth of today is apathetic towards politics!  If you’d like to show your support as well check out

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