Second chance to win a Halloween Scooby-Doo plush toy

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It’s mystery time. Earlier this week I posed the first trivia question in our Halloween Scooby-Doo plush toy giveaway. This time the theme will be Warner Bros.’ Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, the latest Scooby series on Cartoon Network.

Answer this question by Oct. 26 by leaving a comment on this post — and be sure to use a valid email address when you register as a commenter. I’ll randomly select the winner for both questions from all of the entries with correct answers.

The winners of the two giveaways will be announced here on Oct. 25 and 27, respectively.  Each winner will receive one Scooby-Doo plush toy after I’ve contacted them by email to arrange delivery.

The legal stuff: Participants must be over 13 years old and residents of the United States, and this site is solely responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulation in connection with the giveaway.

And now, meddling kids, without further a-Doo … the question:

Which actor or actress who played one of the Scooby gang in the live-action big-screen movies came back to voice a villain in Mystery Incorporated? You should say who they played both times — and I’m looking for the Mystery Incorporated character’s real name or nickname AND their villainous identity!

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