Rings: Horrifically superb

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The movie Rings jumps over box office flop “the ring two” and rises to the level of the original film in this franchise “the ring.” Viewers of this film will find an interesting deeper historical story line of Evelyn and Samara’s lives.  Personally, I enjoy getting to know the characters I’m watching… In Rings, we are taken on a journey tracing back into the origin of Samara. Great decision-making in giving the audience the opportunity to get to know Samara’s past.  The historical information is visually dynamic and helps lead us into believing in and rooting for these characters.

In this edgy modernization of the Rings, Samara uses the internet vs. the traditional “VHS” to spread her video. The internet is everywhere; from airplanes to cell phones. Samara takes advantage of the availability of this new medium to claim her victims. The movie opens with an airplane scene that’s to die for.

Rings‘ cast gives hope to this franchise. Johnny Galecki character is Professor Gabriel; a professor of modern biology. We are accepting of Jonny playing “Professor Gabriel” as it’s not a far leap from Dr. Leonard Hofstadter in the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory. You won’t be able to help yourself from liking Gabriel even though he is kind of  “the bad guy”. Gabriel believes he is helping his fellow mankind by gathering research on the other side of death.

Matilda Lutz as Julia is reminiscent of a younger Jessica Alba who’s character is Sue Storm in the  2005 Fantastic Four franchise.  Matilda brings a believability to Julia with a no-nonsense approach to her role. We meet Julia as she saying goodbye to the love of her life boyfriend Holt. Holt is leaving his home town to go to college four hours away. Not long after Holt arrives at college he is no longer returning Julia’s calls. Like any woman in love with her man; Julia sets out to find out what is going at Holt’s college. When Julia find’s Holt’s cell phone in his dorm room, Julia’s worst fears are realized… Holt is missing.  Alex Roe is Holt in Rings and oh my! He is definitely the heartthrob of the movie. His genuineness plays well with Matilda’s believability. Fans of the original The Ring will appreciate this film

Summation: Horrifically superb!!!

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