Riddle Me This: Joseph Gordon-Levitt to be Riddler in ‘Batman 3’?


FirstShowing and WorstPreviews are reporting that early rumors regarding villain choice and casting for Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated Batman 3 are true: Edward Nigma (aka The Riddler) will indeed be the main villain in the third installment of Nolan’s Batman trilogy. And in accordance with previous rumors, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been listed as “interested.”

This comes as no surprise, as Nolan recently worked with Gordon-Levitt in the recently released Inception.

What do you think? Is Gordon-Levitt a good choice? Johnny Depp was rumored to be up for the role – would he be a better pick? Frankly, I think Gordon-Levitt is a great choice – as with Heath Ledger’s Joker role, Nolan has a knack for casting the less-obvious, bringing out award-winning and dazzling performances.

What about the villain choice? Rumors had Philip Seymour Hoffman playing the Penguin and Angelina Jolie playing Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman). While I would love to see both of these actors take on these roles, I think The Riddler is a fitting (although predicatable) pick, given the tone of the trilogy.

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