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Sorry, Last Jedi haters: Rian Johnson says his Star Wars trilogy is still happening

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The Force is still with Rian Johnson. Whether you like it or not.

The Last Jedi’s director, and lightning rod for people who don’t understand that Star Wars has always been about literal social justice warriors all along, has been anointed to produce a new trilogy of movies in that universe that we, so far, still know nothing about. Because there’s been so little information so far during the pre-production phase (imagine!), Johnson’s detractors — always eager of late to give Star Wars fans a bad name — have been fueling rumors that the deal is off.

Well, the filmmaker has weighed in on Twitter after the website Screen Rant reported on these rumors that he was moving on to other projects:

Despite having all manner of online abuse hurled at him over the last year-plus since The Last Jedi came out and dashed their preconceived notions of Luke Skywalker’s exploits, Johnson has been a class act all the way. Maybe he will part ways with Disney’s Lucasfilm before his movies are finished — stranger things have happened. But if it happens, we’ll report it then as news and not the half-boiled rumors from the bro-gade of horrible people who think it’s OK to abuse creators and actors who don’t live up to their petty expectations.

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