‘Resident Evil: Afterlife’ thrills in 3D, lacks in story

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Milla Jovovich straps on her zombie-blasting guns for the fourth installment in the Resident Evil franchise. Her character, Alice, travels to Alaska in search of Arcadia, a safe haven untouched by the horrific zombie T-virus. Needless to say, she gets more than she bargained for.

Fans of the franchise will love the addition of 3D. Splattering zombie brains and battle ax wielding monsters have never looked so good. Unfortunately, the 3D awesomeness can only carry the movie so far. A complete lack of story and character development makes this installment the weakest of the four movies. Afterlife feels more like a bridge to the recently announced fifth movie.

Worth it for the gratiuitous 3D, but not much else.

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