Q.T. strikes again!


Death Proof coverOut on DVD this week is Quentin Tarantino‘s newest movie, Death Proof.

This was Q.T.’s half of the double feature, Grindhouse, a tribute to a by-gone era of sleazy cinema and the even sleazier theatres.

If you didn’t catch Grindhouse in the theaters, (and judging from the box office numbers, you probably didn’t) you owe it to yourself to check this movie out. If you DID see it, you can skip the rest of this, as I’m sure you don’t need any more convincing to pick it up. Not only is Death Proof packed (overly so, some would say) with Tarantino’s sharp dialogue and some of the coolest muscle cars this side of the 1970s, but it also contains one of the greatest car chases ever filmed. This old-school chase was done with real people in (and outside of!) real cars, unlike the overly popular CGI chases in today’s cinema. If you’re only going to see one female empowerment/psycho killer/revenge/buddy picture/car chase movie this year, make it Death Proof.

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Scott Kirchhofer
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