Move along: New ‘Star Wars’ DVD sets are more of the same

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It’s the return of The Phantom Menace of the Attack of the Clones of the Revenge of the Sith’s A New Hope so The Empire Strikes Back before Return of the Jedi. The entire Star Wars saga will be repackaged in two boxed trilogy sets due out Nov. 4. (Hey! That’s just in time for the holidays, isn’t it? Imagine that …)

Lucasfilm even admits: “There’s nothing new in this set you don’t already have.”

That’s not exactly a brilliant marketing strategy — but they’re telling the truth. These sets will contain the same double-disc releases of each movie that hit shelves from 2001-2006. But for diehard collectors, it will be nice to finally have a box for the prequels, which have so far only been available in their original, individual release form.

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