Meet the new witch of Wookey Hole

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It’s no Hogwarts, but it did stand in for the fictional magic academy’s Chamber of Secrets in the movies. And it has that new-hag smell.

The company that runs Wookey Hole Caves in western England recently interviewed applicants for the post of resident witch. A rock formation in the cave system is reputed to be a sorceress turned to stone by holy water, and the tourist attraction employs someone to bring the local legend to life. That responsibility now belongs to former real-estate agent Carla Calamity. If that is her real name.

(Maybe people didn’t fancy buying a home from someone named “Calamity.”)

Her annual contract is worth $82,000 U.S., but you have to know about witchcraft, be comfortable sleeping underground, and like cats. If Ms. Calamity fails to impress, all this could be yours next year.

The cave system was seen on film in the 1975 Doctor Who serial “Revenge of the Cybermen” and the 2002 film Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.


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