Meet the new Enterprise …

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… same as the old Enterprise?


Image courtesy of Moviephone

Moviephone has posted the first official image of the Starship Enterprise from J.J. Abrams’ new Star Trek reboot, due out at Christmas. (For more sneak peeks, you’ll want to check out the teaser trailer attached to Abrams’ latest release, the monster mash Cloverfield, this weekend.)


It looks a lot like the original Enterprise. Which, I suppose, is the point, since this is a prequel combined with a remake … sort of. I think.

But as teaser images go, it’s not much. Maybe it will assure the more rabid Trekkers who have doubts about Abrams’ project that this will still be Star Trek at its core. Then again, that won’t mean much if Kirk loses his mojo and Spock goes all Dr. Phil on us …

Speaking of characters, click on the thumbnail on the left for a graphic breakdown of the movie’s cast.

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