‘Machete’ and ‘Going the Distance’ make Labor Day Weekend a good time at the movies


Robert Rodriguez’s bloody, 70’s B-movie throwback film, Machete and the Drew Barrymore/Justin Long starer, Going the Distance both succeed in delivering the action, entertainment, humor and romance you might be looking for at the movies this Labor Day Weekend.

Machete is inventively violent, complete with all the wonderful cheese you can expect. Corny one-liners, sex, blood, even 70’s porn music – Machete has it all. If you’re looking for a fun night out with friends, or just want to be entertained as hell, Machete is your weekend flick.

Going the Distance manages to make a romantic comedy feel adult and realistic. In addition to its surprising honesty and charismatic leads, Going the Distance is hilarious. A funny, irreverent, romantic comedy? This is a date night movie both parties can enjoy.

This Labor Day Weekend, make sure to head to the theatres – you’ve got at least two movies worth seeing.

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