‘Like’ ‘The Social Network’, Let ‘Let Me In’ In & Dig Up ‘Buried’ this weekend at the movies


Can a movie about a man buried in a box last for 95 minutes – and still be watchable? You wouldn’t think so, but director Rodrigo Cortés manages to do just that in Buried, starring Ryan Reynolds – and only Ryan Reynolds. While the film is technically masterful and surprisingly captivating, the complete lack of story leaves Buried unable to dig itself out from its hollow MacGuffin concept. Read the full review here.

Based on the Swedish film, Let The Right One In, Matt Reeves’ Let Me In is a brilliant film that will make you see vampire movies in a whole new light. With inspiring performances from young actors Chloe Moretz and Kodi Smit-McPhee, plus a truly beautiful visual style, Let Me In proves not all remakes are sub-par. Read the full review here.

The origins of the mega-social networking site, Facebook, and the people who were responsible for its inception are chronicled in David Fincher’s smartly crafted The Social Network. With a script sure to win numerous awards and award-worthy performances from Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield, The Social Network is sure to be this season’s hot movie, with critics and audiences alike. And don’t think this movie is just for the tech savvy. Fincher has delivered a story that, at its heart, is about friendship and loss, something everyone can relate to. Read the full review here.

This is a great weekend at the movies. Each of these films is sure to get some recongition come awards season, so be sure to catch them this weekend. Read the full reviews for Buried, Let Me In and The Social Network at Pop Goes the Culture. Share it, tweet it, leave a comment!

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