Kirk vs. Leia

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You may have attended (or wish you had attended) the Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate by the NERDS meet-up group (N. iche E. nthusiasts R. eally D. oing S. tuff) and hosted by downtown Mesa’s The Royale theater last Saturday afternoon, but did you know that there is a very real battle of galactic proportions raging on YouTube between the Captain Kirk and Princess Leia? It’s true!

Check out the videos on YouTube: Round 1Star Trek v Star Wars (William Shatner), Round 2Star Wars is SOOO Much Better than Star Trek (Carrie Fisher), Round 3Dearest Carrie… (William Shatner).

My Take – Princess Leia is and always will be one of the hottest babes in any galaxy. If her feminine charms alone were not enough to lull the Captain into submission, her latent Jedi powers would surely do the trick. The princess wins, hands down (besides that, I think Mr. Shatner is acting more like a nerf-herder than a gentleman).

Let’s hear your comments! Who has the upper hand in this battle?

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