Kidman pulls audience into ‘Rabbit Hole’


Rabbit Hole stars Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart as a couple grieving the death of their young son. Kidman does an amazing job, fully embodying her role as Becca and making the audience truly believe her onscreen characterization. She is well deserving of her recent Golden Globe nomination. While Eckhart is also good, he pales in comparison to Kidman’s powerhouse performance.

The movie’s theme of “rabbit holes” (tunnels to other dimensions, other worlds where different versions of one’s self might be happier, or less pained) makes the story unique; however, its unrelenting focus on grief makes Rabbit Hole a little too one-note to break completely free of cliche.

Rabbit Hole is a solid movie, renewing faith in classic and quality storytelling.

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Dustin Diehl
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