Cuba’s unique take on zombie horror

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The next big zombie movie phenomenon may come from an unlikely place: Cuba.

Juan de los Muertos — or Juan of the Dead — is a horror-satire that explores what happens when an epidemic of flesh-eating zombies takes root on the Communist island nation and authorities dismiss it as a U.S.-backed coup. The movie has the support of a Spanish production company and a budget of $2.1 million — which seems small, but it easily dwarfs most big-screen productions to come out of Cuba.

Writer-director Alejandro Brugues explains the film’s origins to The Associated Press:

“We Cubans have had to deal with a whole series of problems in the last 50 years. We have become accustomed to resolving problems on our own and finding a way to survive. So I was thinking, ‘How would a Cuban survive a zombie epidemic.’ “

But he insists the film is not political:

“I want people to have a good time at the theater. And I promise liters and liters of blood.”

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