Irradiate Phoenix for a chance to see Chernobyl Diaries

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Arizonans may be used to Ignite Phoenix, but have never had a chance to irradiate it. Oren Peli’s latest foray into horror thrillers Chernobyl Diaries is now giving fans an opportunity to do just that (theoretically of course) in order to get a special screening of the film to visit their town.

Chernobyl Diaries comes from the mind of Oren Peli, director of Paranormal Activity, and follows a group of young tourists as they dip into extreme sightseeing in the irradiated city of Pripyat where the disaster occurred. True to the horror form, all is not well as the travelers find the supposedly abandoned city full of vengeful and unwelcoming ghosts.

The film is due out in theaters officially on May 25, but in a special promotion the studio is encouraging prospective moviegoers to share links to the film’s site in order to boost radiation levels, “quarantine their city,” and net an exclusive showing of Chernobyl Diaries with a few special guests.

As of writing this post, Los Angeles and Chicago are in the top two spots with Phoenix lagging at number 16 of 20 cities currently in the running. For more info on how to participate in bringing the exclusive showing to Arizona, visit the official contest website.

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