I’m seeing ‘The Clone Wars’ and you’re not (yet)

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How’s that for irony? I swore I’d never go to see this movie. But as this post goes live I’ll be buying drinks and popcorn at a sneak-preview screening of The Clone Wars with my 13-year-old son.

A lifelong Star Wars fan, I haven’t exactly been kind in the run-up to this newest addition to the Saga. So I hope to bring you not only my review but also maybe the young Padawan’s verdict as well. He is, after all, closer to the target demographic. We’ll see. I have to actually talk to him about it first!

Wicket the Ewok on a speeder bike at Jabba's Palace McDonalds Happy Meal toyIn the meantime, enjoy a preview of McDonald’s upcoming Clone Wars-themed Happy Meals and some truly fugly bobblehead toys! The HappyMeal.com homepage suggests that they’re not available yet, but the movie opens Friday, Aug. 15, so they should be soon. I don’t actually remember Wicket the Ewok riding a speeder bike (that was Paploo).
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I also don’t remember any Ewoks ever being anywhere near Jabba’s Palace. But whatever. Worse things have been done to Star Wars continuity … and I’m probably watching one happen right now! (I know, I know — you find my lack of faith disturbing!)


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